Remember Me (2013)

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Remember Me PosterNeo-Paris. 2084
Personal memories can now be digitised, bought, sold and traded. The last remnants of privacy and intimacy have been swept away in what appears to be a logical progression of the explosive growth of social networks at the beginning of the 21st century. The citizens themselves have accepted this surveillance society in exchange for the comfort only smart technology can provide. This memory economy gives immense power over society to just a handful of people.
Remember Me is a 3rd person action adventure where players take on the role of Nilin, a former elite memory hunter with the ability to break into people’s minds and steal or even alter their memories. The authorities, fearful of her knowledge and capabilities arrested Nilin and wiped her memory clean. After her escape from prison, Nilin sets out on a mission to recover her identity, helped by her last and only friend. This search for her past leads to her being hunted by the very people that created this surveillance society.
Remember Me features exploration, platforming, stealth, and melee combat. The game introduces the mechanic of ‘memory remixing’: entering and rearranging a target’s memories to manipulate them. Players accomplish this by replaying a memory and modifying details to change the target’s recollection of the outcome. Another key mechanic of gameplay is stealing memories from specific targets and using points called Remembranes to replay the memory in real-time: this is often needed to proceed through the game or avoid hazards otherwise hidden from the player. When the player is low on health, the screen will glitch until a sufficient amount of health is regained.
In terms of combat, the game will allow players to create and customize their own move combos in the Combo Lab, which uses four families of fighting moves called Pressens that players can reorganize by creating chains, earned through gaining PMP (Procedural Mastering Power), with a limit of four combos being active at any one time. The four Pressen families are “Regen” (healing), “Power” (damage), “Chain” (duplication and doubling of previous moves) and “Cooldown” (regeneration of S-Pressen energy). Moris has said that there are 50,000 possible Pressen combinations. The special moves, S-Pressens, are made available to the player through the course of the game: the moves enabling them to do things like stun groups of enemies, move at high speed and land more hits, or turn hostile robots into allies which then self-destruct.





Naziv: Remember Me
Žanr: Akciona avanture, Šunjalica
Razvojni tim: Dontnod Entertainment
Izdava?: Capcom

Linkovi: Official SiteGameSpot

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Skini besplatno:

Naziv: Remember_Me-FLT
Veli?ina: 6.88 GB

Uputstva: DLCTorenti

DLC: Multi DLC

Torrenti: DirectTorrageTorcacheZoink

Naziv: Remember_Me_v1.0.1_v1.0.2-FLTDOX
Veli?ina: 67 MB

Torrenti: DirectTorrageTorcacheZoink

Uputstvo za instalaciju:

1. Burn or mount.
2. Install.
3. Run update.exe from Remember_Me_v1.0.1-FLTDOX (point to your installation folder if required).
4. Run update.exe from Remember_Me_v1.0.2-FLTDOX (point to your installation folder if required).
5. Copy the cracked content form Fairlight folder from update 1.0.2 to your installation folder and overwrite.
6. Play the game.

NOTE: As usual, block the game exe in your firewall.

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